“…I feel that my role helps to achieve SmartCo’s goals…”

The most interesting aspect of my time with SmartCo has been watching and being involved with the company’s growth and having input on new products, programs, reports and data verification.  Seeing these projects expand, adapt and grow over time is very rewarding. When I am asked the question of what I do for work, people are surprised how much is involved in creating stock orders and all the accompanying reports provided to parts departments, dealership managers and auto manufacturers.  I feel that my role helps to achieve SmartCo’s goals by the tasks I complete to validate the accuracy of the information presented to customers in the automotive industry and beyond to other businesses. One of the most rewarding benefits that SmartCo provides to their employees is the 401K benefit plan which includes very generous employer contributions that sets SmartCo apart from other companies.  I would strongly suggest that any new employee participate in this benefit to the fullest possible level. You will find this very beneficial! For anyone looking to secure a position with SmartCo, I would suggest that a job seeker determine if they bring unique skills, personality, abilities and knowledge to the job. If they do, they will find a rewarding career at SmartCo.

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