SmartCo Releases PartsEye

SmartCo Services announces the beginning of its sales effort. The company’s founder Bryan S. Klugh, announced today that SmartCo will be working to promote PartsEye to Automotive Manufacturers, Distributors and retail dealerships.

PartsEye is a unique blend of today’s Service Parts Planning technologies with real time communication between retail parts managers and PartsEye inventory planners. The service works to have an optimal mix of replacement parts available when needed at the right retail locations while reducing inventory costs, eliminating excessive returns and promoting positive growth throughout the parts distribution channels.

PartsEye helps protect a retail dealers capital investment in inventory while assuring a high ROI. These improvements at the dealer level are also reflected in improvements reflected at the Manufacturers Parts Distribution Centers.

SmartCo Services LLC, a Massachusetts based limited liability company based in Taunton, MA, was founded on the principal of promoting collaborative efforts between manufacturers and their dealers. SmartCo is an acronym for Services Management And Retail Techniques COmpany.

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