PartsEye given high ratings in nationwide survey of parts managers

Survey of parts managers gives PartsEye, the innovative web based parts management system, great reviews!

Taunton, MAJun 19, 2009

PartsEye users recently responded to a questionnaire covering their experience with the innovative web based parts Inventory & availability management system. The survey covered topics from initial reaction, concerns, support, training and ease of integration to improvements, tangible results and overall benefits. It was done in cooperation with one of PartsEye’s dealer network customers.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. “Everyone should use it”, “It keeps inventory current and wide”, “It’s a win-win for the dealership and the customers”.

A few respondents were skeptical at first, “How can someone outside the store control inventory?” or “More factory involvement!”. These concerns were overcome as parts managers quickly started seeing positive results. “Off shelf fill has risen 20%”, “PartsEye increased parts availability resulting in increased profits and customer satisfaction”, “Obsolescence has been reduced to 2%”. “We have seen sales increase from having more parts on hand”!

PartsEye works with the parts manager, assisting them in their work, “PartsEye does not reduce your authority as a parts manager – you retain total control of your inventory”, “You are …. gaining a new tool to manage your inventory”. Instead of spending precious time deciding what to order and entering this into order entry systems, PartsEye generates a stock order that the parts manager reviews and changes based on their experiences and parts activity. But as many respondents stated, the PartsEye recommended stock orders are accurate and become more accurate over time as PartsEye learns from the daily monitoring of each dealers daily stock levels. “Trust PartsEye and let it do its work over time” was a comment heard from many respondents.

And PartsEye delivers results. “All aspects of the parts department have improved”, “Our same day fill rate is 97%, a 5% improvement”, “23% increase in wholesale”, “Sales increase due to having more parts on hand”, “Reduced obsolesence and higher shelf fill rate”, “Sales have increased”, “CSI is improved”.

PartsEye is supported by expert Parts Planners, available on the phone during business hours. “Training for the program was easy. Support has been great”, “The planners are easy to get a hold of, extremely knowledgeable and their ordering system adapts to my needs”, “Excellent”.

PartsEye is easy to install and use, “The initial set up took literally minutes”, “It took 20 minutes to have the system explained.” And it is “Easy to use, great system”, “No problems”.

PartEye is delivering great results to dealers across the US. To find out more about PartsEye and how it can work for your dealership business and parts department call 877 880 0816 and select Option 3. As a respondent put it – “PartsEye WORKS”.

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