June 5, 2019 is World Environment Day!

Today is World Environment Day!

Created by the United Nations in 1972, World Environment Day is a day designed to bring global awareness and direct action for the preservation of Earth.

Some ways people observe this day is by walking or using public transportation, practice recycling and starting a garden.

What are some ways you help to protect the environment?


PartsEye Activates 2250th Dealer

2250th dealer starts using PartsEye as their parts inventory management system

Taunton, MA – Oct 15, 2014

SmartCo Services LLC announced that at 1:02 PM today, Demaagd Nissan of Battle Creek, MI, submitted their first PartsEye suggested stock order, making them the 2250th dealer activated in the PartsEye™ System.

PartsEye provides optimized parts inventory levels based on a dealer’s individual criteria. By providing suggested stock orders based on sales history, demand analysis and the SmartCast forecasting tool, PartsEye quickly optimizes the parts inventory to maximize order fill at the lowest possible cost.

PartsEye is delivering great results to dealers across the US, Canada and Mexico. To find out more about PartsEye and how it can work for your dealership and parts department call 877 880 0816 and choose Option 3.